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Hinweis für Marktstände und Händler! Voranmeldung bitte bis 20.05.2019
Oldtimer i.G. Hagen since 1987 Post-office box 5254 - 58102 Hagen Invitation to Rod & Roll Party 2019 and 20. int. Hagener Oldtimer Treffen From 14.06.2019 - 16.06.2019 we organize a music and classic car event in 58091 Hagen-Dahl, Am Obergraben 10 in the Bürgerhalle and its outdoor area. Unfortunately, we only have space for 150 vehicles on the party grounds, the other participants have to look for a place for their sweetheart near the event site. We have the opportunity to camp on a nearby meadow on saturday at 16.00 o'clock. Toilets and showers are available for participants and guests around the clock. The partial amount per vehicle is for the first time a voluntary tax. For the amount of participants, every vintage car driver will receive a bag full of useful gifts, such as: Beverage and food vouchers, start numbers and tools. There will be a raffle, the proceeds of the raffle, as well as the net income of the three- day concert in the hall, will be donated to the son of Andreas Fittkau. The event will be moderated by Dj Big H Jamboree and Dj Kuxi. On Sunday from 15.30 we will elect the most beautiful vehicles and award the guests with the longest journey to arrive. We want to offer our guests an unforgettable weekend, therefore we launched a program that includes a flea market. The market will take place on the outdoor area. A record and clothing market takes place on Saturday morning in the hall. Information about the event, as well as journey descriptions and accommodation, program items, schedule and times of the party in Hagen. can be found at Rod & Roll Party 2019 on Facebook + www.rod-roll- party.de. We wish all participants and visitors an unforgettable weekend in 58091 Hagen-Dahl, Am Obergraben 10 in the Bürgerhalle. We wish you all an accident-free journey. The event team around Andreas Dahl
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